Roommate Agreement – Duc and Hassan

* The agreement only benefits Hassan Gulzar greatly

  1. Super Power
  2. Once per week, Hassan Gulzar is allowed to add as much cheese in food and Duc Hoang cannot complain, and have to enjoy the food.
  3. Every day, both have to ask “How are you” even though don’t care.
  4. Hassan Gulzar will never use iOS and Duc Hoang will never criticize it.
  5. Monster killing help
  6. If Hassan Gulzar turns into a zombie or injected by “that Indian”, Duc Hoang can’t kill Hassan.
  7. The selection of eating the same food again will require a public hearing and it will be limited to meals only.
  8. Duc Hoang is not allowed to smoke without Hassan.
  9. For every meal which we prepare, Anh Hoang will do the dishes.
  10. For group dinners, the two geniuses will decide who will do the dishes (depends on guests)
  11. If Duc Hoang or Hassan Gulzar is stuck with “the Mammoth”, the other has to rescue.
  12. If there is an Alien invader (or uninvited guest) approach, they both have to kill them together within 5 mins.
  13. If anyone can invent the time-travel machine/ has the chance to travel back, one must travel back on 20th July 2017 at 11:00 am when both were done with master thesis defenses. One must aggressively persuade Abderrahmane Friha to reduce the number of his slide.
  14. If any roommate makes it to the moon, one must set up two fountains in the place we have bought: Lot #63/849 and Lot #63/573.
  15. To save our planet from robot invasion, one of the roommates must find a way to install Window Vista in the center server of those robots.
  16. If any roommate wants to eat a refrigerated food, the other ones must provide a “confirmation”.
  17. If any of the roommates have an owl, the name of it must be the other roommate’s name.
  18. If Anh Hoang has a pet rabbit, either Duc Hoang or Hassan Gulzar will secretly eat it and let her know that the bunny escaped.
  19. If one roommate is stuck in an awkward situation, and the other one can’t really help, he has to be a part of it.
  20. One must always buy cherries and blue berries from the flea market, even if there is nothing to buy.
  21. If both roommates see any Asian, Duc Hoang will always notify Hassan Gulzar the ethnicity of that Asian.
  22. Eboboba, Eboboba, Eboboba!
  23. Either one of the roommates, before buying a new watch must consult with the other one. If the response is not given within 15 days, then once can proceed to buy it anyway.
  24. If a card trick is exhibited to a third party by one of the roommates, the other must get involved and support his roommate.
  25. One must laugh at any meme or funny pictures shown by the other ones.
  26. A formal room meeting will take place every third Sunday of the month. The feedback will be given and it will also be discussed if anything has to be changed.
  27. Hassan Gulzar has the complete right over the fan, regardless of Duc Hoang feeling cold.
  28. Mass expedition 2020 will be followed by both roommates regardless of being busy. One must prioritize it over other projects.
  29. Apartment flag is a sign of wisdom and it must always be held high. It consists the blue sky with the horizon of the nebula and a white owl.
  30. All the unwanted gifts (limited to eatables) will be shared with the giver so they take their own medicine.
  31. Duc Hoang has all the right to summon an emergency meeting.
  32. If Duc Hoang is invited to go to sailing with Prof. Dr. Stephanie K. Jones, he must invite Hassan Gulzar.
  33. On the event of Hassan Gulzar’s birthday or Pakistan’s Independence day (also Duc Hoang’s birthday), one must celebrate by taking care of all chores, make meals for the whole day and take care of guests.
  34. Duc Hoang at any circumstances must stay with the craziness of Hassan Gulzar.
  35. In case there are any new changes in the room can’t be waited till the annual meeting, one must notify the other by an email.
  36. If any of the roommates get super power, it must be kept secret except to each other, and the other unlucky will have to be the side kick.
  37. Duc Hoang at any circumstance is not allowed to buy a fridge magnet for Hassan Gulzar except those followings:
    • It is from the place where Duc Hoang is residing
    • It is from Vietnam
  38. No roommate is allowed to plot against each other, unless
    • Hassan Gulzar and Anh Hoang are plotting against Duc Hoang
    • Duc Hoang and Shazia Afridi are plotting Hassan Gulzar
  39. Hassan Gulzar will be considered as a MUGGLE as long as he did not complete all of the Harry Potter series.
  40. The violence of the agreement: Each roommate will have a total of 28 points and will be renewed twice per year.

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